Our Impact

Building board understanding

Complex operations and technology changes require board support

This fast-rising executive needed board support for an extensive and complex series of changes necessary to stabilize and modernize the company.

Engaging the board with core messages and metrics

We helped the executive step back from a list of 100+ activities and develop a set of core messages that could be articulated as a platform for change.  Crafting the core messages into a story enabled the executive to communicate the change journey as well as the destination to the board, the executive team and the many internal audiences. To augment the core messages, we helped simplify the many metrics being used into a small set of key metrics.  Armed with information at the appropriate level, we created a rollout process where the executive previewed these messages and metrics with key board members and management to get their input and build their understanding.  The platform for was updated periodically as the change journey progressed and evolved.

Understanding led to constructive board engagement

The board understood the change journey and was better able to interact and provide oversight.  The executive gained stature and credibility and was well-positioned to lead the required changes.