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Our Impact

Clients repeatedly turn to LH&P for our clarity, insight and ability to deliver tangible outcomes. Our track record of accelerating progress, solving problems and teaching client teams along the way has led to long-term partnerships with many of our clients. Knowing our clients and their organizations so well enhances our impact in each successive engagement.

The new CIO of this organization had tried to implement a new service management paradigm in IT to little effect.

His leadership team backed the need for change but, overwhelmed by the ongoing demand for new applications, a backlog of bug fixes and overdue maintenance, the organization continued to operate in the same outdated fashion.

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The leader of this Fortune 50 company’s European unit recognized the need to evolve in light of a new regulatory regime, increased pressure on margins, and underlying shifts in the company’s distribution model.

We identified a series of changes needed within the leadership team, field deployment, customer-facing practices, and internal communication; interestingly, there were few issues with organization structure.

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The leadership team of a Technology function undergoing serious change recognized the need to address conflicts within the group in a more systematic, constructive way.

This skill gap was preventing them from taking on contentious issues that were only growing more difficult with time.

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The economic downturn had left this major player weakened and struggling to regain its competitive position.

Bad loans and outdated practices had to be replaced with new credit and risk processes, and entrepreneurial ideas needed to be executed with extra rigor and discipline. During the fallout, many top talent employees had migrated to competitors or other industries. Now, restructured and profitable once more, this client needed to both retain its top talent and maximize their contributions to the company.

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This organization had been buffeted by a series of de-stabilizing changes and numbing uncertainty.

The CEO was confronted with an executive team laden with historical challenges, a doubtful employee base and a wary Board.  All this, plus a dearth of external allies and imbalanced public commentary, conspired to create an extreme leadership challenge.

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This uniquely successful real estate investment firm was on the cusp of rapid expansion.

The partners came to LH&P for advice and support to acquire the talent to sustain the exceptional pace of growth and investor returns.

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Fierce competition for global clients forced this professional services firm to step up collaboration across practice areas and geographies, challenging their roots as independent, country-based practices.

Within three years, partners from different geographies would need to share leads and cooperate on assignments outside their home countries, and professionals at all levels would be serving new clients in multi-disciplinary teams, often outside their home countries.

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This rapidly growing firm sought LH&P’s support to reduce duplication of work across regions while moving into new markets.

LH&P helped firm leaders progress from hand-drawn org charts on a white board to a technology-enabled process that supplied an accurate visual of their current organization structure as well as baseline data on management spans, headcounts and costs.

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Following a full strategic review, the CEO and HR leader of this long-standing global service provider had disposed of non-strategic business units and initiated a review of the remaining core business and staff support functions.

Given a renewed concentration on retail markets and a new set of growth aspirations, they knew the current structure needed modification.

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In the wake of declining revenues, lack of consensus around the mission, and a failed technology implementation, the Overseers of this regional not-for-profit organization knew that the composition of the board needed to change.

We worked with the sub-committee to determine future requirements for individual board members as well as ideal board composition.

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This fast-rising executive needed board support for an extensive and complex series of changes necessary to stabilize and modernize the company.

We helped the executive step back from a list of 100+ activities and develop a set of core messages that could be articulated as a platform for change. 

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What Our Clients Say

I trust LH&P with our toughest management problems and am never disappointed. They clearly distinguish themselves from other firms – the LH&P team spends the time to get to know us well, we get their full focus and attention, and they have highly experienced talent with great expertise. We value them as independent, unbiased advisors who really have our best interests in mind.

Chief Executive
US Financial Institution
Client since 2009