Our Impact

Enabling difficult conversations

Difficult topics go unaddressed

The leadership team of a Technology function undergoing serious change recognized the need to address conflicts within the group in a more systematic, constructive way. This skill gap was preventing them from taking on contentious issues that were only growing more difficult with time.

Real-time issue resolution and skill-building

Having worked with this group over time, we were aware of this problem and relieved to be invited to work alongside the team at last. Our contribution was to gather up examples of the stickiest situations and provide support during a series of live conflict situations. We also provided skills practice sessions in group and individual settings to allow several cycles of problem resolution to be attempted in a safe environment.

Tough decisions without threatening team unity

As a result of our working sessions, the group successfully tackled a series of topics left unaddressed for months, including a candid talent review, the redefinition of their relationship with a major supplier, and a cross-divisional disagreement that had grown into a dysfunctional feud.