Our Impact

Refreshing a board in a changing healthcare environment

Decreasing board effectiveness

In the wake of declining revenues, lack of consensus around the mission, and a failed technology implementation, the Overseers of this regional not-for-profit organization knew that the composition of the board needed to change.

New criteria and ideal composition

We worked with the sub-committee to determine future requirements for individual board members as well as ideal board composition. We then led a board self-evaluation process and helped them identify the missing capabilities and future steps required to rebuild the board.

Board refreshes itself

Based on the evaluations, some members elected to leave the board and were replaced by individuals with backgrounds and capabilities that better matched the future challenges. After a period of reconstituting themselves and agreeing on priorities, the new board was able to recast the mission to include compassion as well as profitability. Better able to achieve consensus and direction, the new board worked more closely with senior management to make decisions and changes to better position the organization in the healthcare marketplace.