Our Impact

Extreme leadership challenge

CEO faced with multiple, complex decisions

This organization had been buffeted by a series of de-stabilizing changes and numbing uncertainty. The CEO was confronted with an executive team laden with historical challenges, a doubtful employee base and a wary Board.  All this, plus a dearth of external allies and imbalanced public commentary, conspired to create an extreme leadership challenge.

Sounding board and objective view of options

Alongside the HR leader, we served as advisors to the CEO and executive team on implementing major changes including organization structure, senior team composition and functioning, executive development, and vital personnel decisions. We brought independence, experience and long-term perspective to these thorny topics, which leave little room for error.

Decisions made with clarity and confidence

Company leaders are making better, faster decisions with greater confidence – in part due to our support – with fuller appreciation of the full range of options, inherent trade-offs and implications. The executive team is healthier than any point in the company’s history, with key executives growing into new roles over time and managing more effectively each quarter. The CEO now has a more manageable set of direct reports and improved succession prospects. A work-in-progress with many future challenges to be sure, but many positive developments traceable in part to our involvement.