Our Impact

Optimizing firm structure to enable expansion

This rapidly growing firm sought LH&P’s support to reduce duplication of work across regions while moving into new markets.

LH&P helped firm leaders progress from hand-drawn org charts on a white board to a technology-enabled process that supplied an accurate visual of their current organization structure as well as baseline data on management spans, headcounts and costs. Through interactive modeling sessions, LH&P consultants enabled the leaders to view alternative structures and draw direct comparisons between the options. Armed with the data and LH&P’s insights into the relative advantages and implications of each option, firm leaders identified their preferred model - functional over regional – and were able to agree on the final structure. With the endpoint in mind, LH&P previewed what leaders should expect while implementing the new structure, including the resources required and the impacts on productivity.

Knowing what to anticipate, firm leaders timed the re-structuring around other major events to minimize disruption.